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Obbzy: Bye Bye "Illitty"... :-*
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SmellySkidmark: Round 3 of the F1 Legends tonight @ Kyalami 8:30 Qually
SmellySkidmark: PM fez
fez: thanks smelly,
fez: just noticed gt3 and f1s are due on same date, 4 feb.
RobZee: The next round which was supposed to be at Rouen has been cancelled. Longford and Spa are the last 2 F1 legends rounds, finishing a week before 4th Feb.
fez: all good then :)
SmellySkidmark: F1 Legends @ Longford tonight 8:30 Qually
SmellySkidmark: }:{"

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Kiwi Sim Racing Triple Crown Endurance Series

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10 months 4 days ago #1 by Seca
Seca created the topic: Kiwi Sim Racing Triple Crown Endurance Series

The KSR Enduro Series returns in 2019! Run last year over the entire calendar year we have revamped the series to run in a more compact format with the ability to run multiple series a year.

After using them successfully at Longford, we will be using the epic Group C mod by MAK-Corp. Please note that this Mod had an update since we ran at Longford so might not be completely the same for people who ran in that event.

Synopsis of different car choices
Porsche: The most well rounded of the 3 vehicles
Mazda: Sounds the best (even though it's a bit quiet), most stable, can lack a bit of top end
Mercedes\Sauber: Wants to kill you dead at all times. Easily the fastest in a straight line, but hard to control at the best of times.

All the cars have options available from the tuning menu (during the vehicle selection screen), and other things like boost can be adjusted when on track. All of these options I'm leaving open. If you have any questions about this please let me know

In the summer league we'll be running 3 of the most famous endurance tracks in the world
9th April: Spa - Version TBC
16th April: Sebring
23rd April: Le Mans

For those unfamiliar with installing non-steam workshop tracks, instructions are below:

1: Download the file from above, and save it into your rFactor 2 Packages folder - this can be found by right clicking rFactor 2 in Steam, going to properties, local files, browse local files.
2: Launch rFactor 2.
3: On rFactor 2 Launcher screen, click on the box icon (second icon on the left).
4: Scroll down the list until you find the track name or filter by uninstalled.
5: Click on the track name, then click on install at the bottom.
6: Repeat Step 4 & 5 for each track.
7: Done!

Race Night Format
7:30PM - Official Practice
8:15PM - Qualifying (30 Minutes) - Full open session, all cars visible, do as many laps as you want.
8:45PM - Drivers Briefing
9:00PM - Race Start (90 Minute timed event)

(open to changing the time so we start sooner and have a 2 hour race, but I realize that may be a struggle for some participants)

Race Settings
Flag Rules - Black, Blue and Local Yellow (No Safety Cars)
Damage - 20%
Fuel usage - 2X
Tire Usage - 2X
Mech Failures - Normal
Time Simulation - Nil
Weather - Static
Type of Start - Standing
Pit Stops - No compulsory pit stops or Tyre changes required

Driving Aids
Auto Blip - Yes
Auto Clutch - Yes
Driving View - Open

Sign Ups & Points:
There is no official sign-up sheet, I will however have a reserved vehicles thread so we don't get too many double ups.

We'll use the RF2 Analyser as we used in NZrFL50 as our points site - Password is wahwahwah

Voice Communications:
Discord will be required for all racers on the night. You can use this straight over the web, but I do recommend the desktop application.

If you jump on for the first time before the event you won't have speaking permissions. Flick me a PM and I'll assign said permissions

Note to all participants
All participants are welcome and very much encouraged to join regardless of skill level and experience.

Participation has been a bit low recently (understanding that real life is a thing), so i'll be attempting to 'advertise' this as much as possible. If any community members have people they know who are thinking about getting into league racing with a pretty down to earth crowd, then now would be the ideal opportunity. Iconic cars around iconic tracks should make for a fun combination.

Server will be up soon-ish, but definitely after NZrFL50 has been completed

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