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FBruno73: Hey sexy people (and Stan)! I'
FBruno73: I'm trying to access the server but it says Package not available... Maybe I've downloaded the wrong track from the folder? But There's only one Indianapolis... anyway... help.. haha
SmellySkidmark: You just need to be subscribed to the ISI track «check this»
FalconEL: Stan is a beast Bruno.
Obbzy: fez... ts mate
SmellySkidmark: Server 2 has the Aussie Legends @ Sydney Motorsports Park and Bathurst, Might have a bit of a run in them tonight if ya wanna have some fun
Tarj: Any chance we can swap the radical for a free nascar mod? Really need to bum and run on ovals
Tarj: Bump, I meant bump
FBruno73: FalconEL haha, Stan is a nice bloke (and quick as hell! Tarj, that's the best idea I've seen in the last 37 years!
FBruno73: Oh, and thanks Smelly! Doing this now.
Bobby: Hey fellas just trying to get into the aussie legends server but coming up with track mismatch and loading up sandown for some reason before getting booted. I believe i have the correct sydney track but cant get it to load. Cheers for any help
SmellySkidmark: Hiya Bobby, these are the 2 tracks on the server... «check this» ... «check this»
SmellySkidmark: When you join the server you need to select the GC cars (Group C Cars) or you'll get a missmatch
Bobby: Hello. Thanks, I do have both those tracks and am selecting GC cars. Not sure whats happening. Will try download again
SmellySkidmark: It maybe the cars haven't downloaded properly, use this link if thats the case «check this»
Bobby: Have been on one of your servers before without an issue with the aussie legends cars. might try jump in with a different car after the tracks download and see if i have any luck. Thanks
SmellySkidmark: no problem, if you wanna drive bathurst just put a vote to go to next track
Bobby: I do like bathurst with these cars. Pretty hairy. No probs if i get it working happy to do some laps at sydney
SmellySkidmark: If you still have problems, the best thing to start with is to uninstall all of your vmods, when you join a server it'll redownload it. still problems maybe verify your files through Steam
Bobby: Yeah tried that too. All it keeps doing when loading the track is sandown track. Got me beat
SmellySkidmark: I see you've been on now Bobby, what did yo do to fix it?
Tarj: I'm guessing kicked it the nuts
Tarj: What a relief. That lump on my sphincter is not cancer. HOORAY for haemorrhoids!
SmellySkidmark: Say hello to Preperation H, lol
Obbzy: GT3s on ovals!!! Yes! Indianapolis, tonight.
Tarj: i will fall of the wagon tonight, straight into oval mode. burpppppp
Tarj: Iracimg has nothing to worry about when it comes too...
Bobby: Hello. Yes been in. I deleted my Sandown track. Wierd but as soon as that was gone i was able to get in
t0p5ecret: Morning everyone here's race 1 from last night «check this»
fez: yo dudes, im still lookin for a partner for the PBM, prefered car nissan but whatever really, whos still looking?
t0p5ecret: Sooooo the new Bentley feels very noice to drive! Turn in overall feels better, at least with the default setup.
OR~ShiftyLynel: Agreed, they must have moved the drinks cabinet for better weight distribution. I've haven't tried the rest of the cars yet after the update - might chuck a server up later this afternoon to test them out.
t0p5ecret: Yep it's drinks in the back now, humidor in the front.
Goanna: -=[FDG]=-Stitch memorial race on tonight @ 8pm. TS password = ts4fdg. Mod RSM V8 and Nissan GTR 2011, both on steam. Tracks - Sandown and Xcross...both on server.
SmellySkidmark: Just a reminder to everyone in the GT3 series that the Ferrari will be required content when it's released, as it will be added into the series asap.

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Australasia Bathurst Enduro

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1 year 8 months ago #1 by Seca
Seca created the topic: Australasia Bathurst Enduro

It is that time of the year! No better event kicks off the motorsport calendar than the legendary 12 hours of Bathurst. With interest from most of the major manufacturers and teams across the world, some would argue this is the highest caliber of racing to hit Australasia outside the world of F1.

This year we plan to expand on our successful Australasia GT3 series, and bring together the best drivers from the best communities across Australasia!

Event Details:
Mod: Apex GT3 - Camaro GT3 Will be excluded from this event due to parity/BOP issues.
Track: Bathurst 2016 V3
Qualifying: Sunday 27th January
Race Day: Sunday 3rd February

Seca has again kindly offered his server to be used for this event

Event Format:
Practise - Server will be open all days leading up to the event, and during the day leading up to both Qualifying and Race Day
Qualifying - Qualifying will take part as a 1 hour open session the week before the main race. There will be a max number of 32 drivers take part in the main race - if we have over 32 drivers entered, the top 26 drivers from Qualifying will take part in the race. The remaining drivers will then have a 10 Lap Qualifying Race after Qualifying, where the top 6 will take the remaining spots on the grid
Race - The race will be a time scaled 2 Hour enduro. Weather will be pre-set to replicate the same weather conditions that occurred during the real life race earlier in the day. There will be no compulsory stops, limit on tyres to change, etc - It is completely open - you do whatever you can to get to the finish line first!

Event Schedule:
Sunday 27th January - Qualifying - 7:00pm AEDT, 9:00pm NZDT.
Sunday 3rd February - Top 10 Shootout - 6:00pm AEDT, 8:00pm NZDT. Enduro Starts 7:00pm AEDT, 9:00pm NZDT

Race Settings:
Weather: Scripted to Replicate weather in 2019 Bathurst 12-Hour Race.
Damage: 40%
Fuel: 2x
Tyres: 1x
Fixed Setup: No
Flag Rules: Black Only
Mechanical Failures: Normal
Start Type: Standing
Driving Views: Bonnet or In-Car Only
Auto Clutch: Yes
Traction Control: No (However is adjustable in the vehicle garage/setup)
ABS: No (However is adjustable in the vehicle garage/setup)

Voice Communications:
Voice Communications will be compulsory for this League. We do not require you to have an active mic, however we do require you to at least be in the main race channel listening in - This is in case of any important info being relayed, accidents reported, etc. Voice communications will be hosted via TeamSpeak 3 and again has kindly been hosted by Xfactor Racing. To direct Join to their TeamSpeak server click [url=ts3server://xfactorracing.ddns.net?port=9987]HERE[/url]

Racing Rules:
Racing rules and driver etiquette will be as per our Code Of Conduct - Click HERE

Points system for this league will be quite simple. 1st Place will receive 100 points, and each position thereafter decreasing by 2 points. DNF will get last finishing position, minus 2 points. DNS and DQ will both receive 0 points.

Team Championship:
As the Bathurst 12-Hour event is very much a team event, we will also have a team championship for this event. Teams are limited to a maximum of 3 drivers, and must be confirmed prior to the top 10 Shoot-out.

Registration and Car Reservation:
To register/reserve your car and register your team please click HERE . I would like to encourage everyone who took part in our GT3 series to give another car a go and try something different!

Custom Skins:
To go with the theme of a teams championship, we will also allow custom skins for this event. Be sure to include logos of your community/team you are representing!

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