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Obbzy: FIRST ROUND of the Aussie Legends World Tour @ Lime Rock Park in the XY Falcon is on TONIGHT... :)
SmellySkidmark: pm's Nib
Bert: No racing for me tonight sorry guys, feeling crook
Nibiru: Bugger hope you feel better
SmellySkidmark: Sorry to hear Bert
SmellySkidmark: lol , Power Wind Review «check this»
SmellySkidmark: pm Nib Rob Obbzy
flyfisho: power wind sounds like a good night on the curry :P glorified computer fans, i have the same but mine just blow hard all the time :D
fez: i just downloaded brands and am getting a verication error, anyone know a fix for this?
fez: all good now. i found a download from an external site. the download in xfactors downloads didnt work for me
Merlin: same issue here with the verication error
SmellySkidmark: Brands should have just dl from the server
Merlin: Smelly, do you have another manual download link for Brands Hatch. Continually fails on server download? Thanks
Merlin: Finally found it
SmellySkidmark: Goodwood live «check this»
SmellySkidmark: GT40s atm with other 60s cars
paps: 80s touring cars NOW!..Go the Rover. :P
Nibiru: PM SS
SmellySkidmark: replyed PM
Nibiru: Thanks SS
SmellySkidmark: Formula 5000s in the snow... wow
Bert: Anyone here have AssettoCorsa and have seen the V8SC mod from RNR’s V8skin? «check this»
Nibiru: Yes & I have seen them just not tried them
Obbzy: Round 2 of the Aussie Legends World Tour @ Brands Hatch GP in the XB Falcon GT is on TONIGHT. :)
Bert: When will the new V8 server be up boys? Eager beaver here :D
Nibiru: It will get set up tonight. Then we'll post the links for it.
SmellySkidmark: FVR server info in the forums, read it before you try to connect
DdogNZ: Outlaws are running round 1 FVR updated V8s tonight, just in case any of you gents were interested.
Bert: :D
Obbzy: Thx DdogNZ. There will be quite a few of us over there having a run in the FVRs. :D
GrimDad: for all you ac owners «check this»
Nibiru: Thanks Dad
SmellySkidmark: Nib 8pm tonight GTX 1060 Windforce OC 3GB $339 «check this»
SmellySkidmark: ahh 9pm - 10pm
SmellySkidmark: and then you can get this.. 500GB 560MB/s 2.5" SATA SSD $169 «check this»
Nibiru: :D

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