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SmellySkidmark: Yeah sorry about all the problems guys, I've put a post up about it «check this»
Tarj: Hey Sputnik I have left a message on OR for you
SmellySkidmark: GT3 update «check this»
OR~ShiftyLynel: PM Rob
SmellySkidmark: Tarj try joining now
SmellySkidmark: So the GT3 race tonight has had a track change, you will need to subscribe to Blackwood «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Server is up, BIG thankyou to Outlaws for helping out and hosting this round for xfactor
EAO_wayno: Result files and replays for last nights race are in the file browser of the entry gates channel on Outlaws TS if you need them
EAO_wayno: Server for next round is up also Nola track C
Tarj: what a fuck around. had to uninstall graphics, re install . no good. un install rfactor 2. and reinstalled. NO GOOD. get home this arvo, instal HOTFIX for graphics card HOOFUCKINGRAY. now just have to reset evrything, cause in my haste, didnt save files :O :O:O
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Bwana: great , can you clean my arse crack ?
StanDaam: The Bots have broken through the outer perimeter!! Great to hear Tarj :P
t0p5ecret: Good to see you are back Tarj
t0p5ecret: Apologies to everyone at the start of race one on Tuesday
t0p5ecret: I borked the start and everyone stacked up behind me
Obbzy: unlizeensubs has been banned. take that spammer dog... :D
fez: are u able to jump on the nords server obbzy?
Obbzy: Our server is still down.
Outlaws have kindly put up the GT3s at NOLA
for our Round 5 meeting.
See you all tomorrow evening
SmellySkidmark: temp race server is up. look for "xfactor temp server"
SmellySkidmark: GT3s server up for tonight, "xfactorracing GT3s"
Tarj: Sorry about my dumby spit, last night. It should of been just directed at my self as no one else was to blame for my own 2 mistakes
FalconEL: Unlucky Tarj, you were flying there in race 2.
Obbzy: Nice video of t0p5ecret at NOLA in Race 1 last night... «check this»
t0p5ecret: Thanks Obbzy I'll post up Race 2 tonight, didn't have time to render it out last night
SmellySkidmark: GT3 server now has round 6 @ Daytona RC, track should DL to you
Sputnik_inc: Yeah great video guys and good racing
fez: pm mr obbzy
t0p5ecret: Morning all, the 30 min race took a bit longer to render and up but it's here...https://forum.studio-397.com/index.php?threads/xfactor-racing-2020-gt3-championship-series-2.66498/page-2#post-1035905
fez: nice1 toppy
t0p5ecret: Cheers mate, you be back next race?
fez: yea might, wasnt feelin the best,.. actually fell asleep before the race
fez: mate*
t0p5ecret: sheeet hope you are feeling better
Obbzy: NOLA Race 2... «check this»

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