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SmellySkidmark: here's the site.. «check this»
Peter Brick: oil bee tharr
Peter Brick: um can't get package???
DisengageNZ: what package?
DisengageNZ: if you are after the BT44 here is the link «check this»
DisengageNZ: Hi all, due to a Windows Issue I won't be on tonight as Windows issue ( windows died ) and had to reinstall but as my games are on a separate HDD to Windows, it isn't appearing in System Registry and is having issue. I will be getting this sorted over this week to make sure it all runs correctly for next week.
Have fun tonight and if someone can please upload the reply files somewhere.
Cheers Dis
SmellySkidmark: Sorry to hear you've got winblows going to shit, good luck with it.
Nibiru: fun night guys thanks SS and those that could make it,,,,,,BAD LUCK Dis
Darrell: :D was fun..
Darrell: was looking at results says i came 3rd each race... i got 2nd as Dickco got 2 stop go first race...lol
Darrell: i just put on my glass's and can see NOW... all is well
SmellySkidmark: lol, glasses help me too
SmellySkidmark: beer glasses
DisengageNZ: You mean Goggles Smelly?
Nibiru: Happy Seventh Birthday xfactor racing
SmellySkidmark: Happy birthday xfactor
Obbzy: Happy Birthday XFactor. PARTY ON! :D
DisengageNZ: Happy Birthday xFactory, sorry I am a tad late
DisengageNZ: Smelly did you break the servers?
SmellySkidmark: y me
SmellySkidmark: i fink da in ne thing did it
SmellySkidmark: no TS too
DisengageNZ: I'll blame everyone but Nib
SmellySkidmark: hmm racing leages barbagallo is ok me finks
SmellySkidmark: i fixed :B
SmellySkidmark: Nib no connection
Nibiru: Sorry been away for a funeral. Should work now
Obbzy: Round 2 of the Lord of the RIMS v8SUPERCARS Series @ Albert Park...this Monday
Obbzy: Won't be on tonight guys. Not well... :(
DisengageNZ: Not good to hear Obbzy, take care of yourself
SmellySkidmark: Sorry to hear your not well m8y
SmellySkidmark: hey good lap Dis
-=DFG=-RaTeD: Hey guys after some serious thought i think I'm gonna withdraw from all series. I feel my standard of racing is no where i need to be to be competitive and not be a nuisance on track to the rest of you guys. I'm more then happy to help with skin designs or any other designs etc if still required nib just send me a message or tell Disengage to drag me on to TS haha Cheers guys its been fun
SmellySkidmark: Sorry to hear that Rated, I hope that you comeback to racing soon
SmellySkidmark: Results for round 2 Lord of the RIMS v8SUPERCARS Series @ Albert Park «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Symmons Plains now on Server 1, Lord of the RIMS v8SUPERCARS Series

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