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Nibiru: I had it working offline on all cars and if I was the first to use pitstop online I got them
SmellySkidmark: They work in the TCR's, you tring for the coupe?
Nibiru: I might but on my old HDD ihave that script installed i like i said above it worked it was after that you put it in the tcr
Obbzy: Hey Nib... TS?
Nibiru: 5min Obbzy
SmellySkidmark: pm Rob
Nibiru: Truck Racing anyone «check this»
DisengageNZ: Sounds like a challenge
SmellySkidmark: Rob, this just what you need I think «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Nib PM
SmellySkidmark: err upload wi finish in 30min from now
SmellySkidmark: Last round of the Holiday Racing tonite @ Silverstone
REDRUM: What time is the race and is it open to all? :)
REDRUM: (I did check forum first)
Johnsxr8: Its open to everyone mate and offical practice usually starts at 8.30 Xfactor time but guys will start jumping on now
Johnsxr8: Qualifying will be about 8.50pm
REDRUM: Thanks for a fun race all
Darrell: Whens rd1 V8SC coming up? Cheers.
Nibiru: I think in 2 weeks
SmellySkidmark: Nib PM sent
Obbzy: Nib... available for TS?
Nibiru: sorry Obbzy was busy last night
HSV_PETE: RobZee dheck this out....perfect ...just what you want...car is in Canberra «check this»
SmellySkidmark: Good find pete, it'll sell fast at that price imho
HSV_PETE: Sure will.....I'm very tempted but not ready for a purchase at the moment....its good saving of well over 12k
SmellySkidmark: yep, but I'd say more like 8k, it is second hand.. may have been crashed into that's why he wants to be rid of it
SmellySkidmark: who knows
Darrell: thanks Nibiru
DisengageNZ: Got the G29 this morning, learning mode activated
SmellySkidmark: Replied pete
SmellySkidmark: woohoo G29, fully choice bro
Nibiru: look out
SmellySkidmark: Anyone interested in a re-run of the round at Circuito Monteblanco this monday?
SmellySkidmark: Prophet TS if you can
DisengageNZ: I like the Idea if everyone is interested

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