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6-3 3:05:02 SmellySkidmark Thanks wayno and Joe for your great find.
6-3 1:22:13 EAO_wayno SS. Joe has fixed the grid on Symmons Plains he found that there was two lots of grid spots one lot at 1.97 and another at 2.13 ond over 200 grid spots assigned. «check this»
5-3 21:59:57 StanDaam Cheers Rob, I got in with the link I provided as well... (.96 is the winner!)
5-3 9:09:28 RobZee Stan, this is the Symmons Plains version you will need «check this»
5-3 6:55:21 StanDaam ...95.. .96... «check this»
5-3 6:23:52 StanDaam Is the Symmons Plains version different from the Steam version, 0.95? Trouble with my package...
4-3 8:55:30 fez Still no internet, techie couldnt pull the wire through so reckons they need to dig it up eh. Hopeing for friday repair but likely a monday job.fucking sux ibought sebring and couldnt runwith you guys. If im not there for symmons you know. Take care blokes
4-3 6:43:39 SmellySkidmark promo vid by woochoo «check this»
4-3 6:43:04 SmellySkidmark Glad to hear you still enjoyed it faconhell, lol
3-3 23:23:28 FalconEL Great racing last night guys, spent about 25 seconds nose first into a concrete wall after my pit stop (silly error) but had a good night regardless. Cheers.
3-3 5:22:44 Obbzy GT3s @ Sebring tonight. :)
3-3 4:59:10 Obbzy It's the paid one Reaper.
3-3 4:18:26 ReaperNZ is it paid content or is it a free version
3-3 4:17:56 ReaperNZ what version is the Sebring track you are running the GT3`s on 2nite
2-3 8:57:34 Obbzy That's no good fez. Pity they couldn't fix it Tuesday, but hopefully you'll have a better service.
2-3 8:42:27 SmellySkidmark That sux fez, hope it comes back better, stronger, faster
2-3 8:15:44 fez My internet has gone to shit. Should be back up wed if all goes well
28-2 22:08:53 SmellySkidmark Latest RF2 roadmap «check this»
26-2 23:24:01 fez all good tarj dont worry about it
26-2 7:02:23 Tarj If my the rub was because of my actions, I will accept any repercussions including me stopping a lap early and causing grief
26-2 7:00:17 Tarj I forgot to say sry to Fez I think
25-2 22:22:31 OR~ShiftyLynel Sorry about my spin at the start of the race last night guys. I hope it didn't ruin the race for too many people.
25-2 8:53:28 =Fieldzy= Sorry for late notice but can't make tonight race. Cheers
19-2 6:08:52 SmellySkidmark Server 1 now has Round 4 of the GT3s @ Bridgehampton
19-2 6:08:15 SmellySkidmark Hey Tarj, lol that ruins a good race nite. Bridgehampton should dl from the server
19-2 5:27:35 Tarj Anyone point me in the right direction to fing Bridgehampton? thank
19-2 5:25:08 Tarj all the commotion was over 5 minutes later :S
19-2 5:24:13 Tarj bit of thunder and they go to power blacked out as I was leaving the server for about 2 seconds anyway.
19-2 5:23:04 Tarj Hope my leaving didn't interrupt anyone s connection last night. Fn hysterical wife and bloody dog,
18-2 5:06:55 SmellySkidmark Round 3 of the GT3s tonight @ SaoPaulo
17-2 2:28:15 Obbzy GM closing down Holden altogether!!! «check this»
11-2 0:07:57 Obbzy GT3 Series, Round 2 @ Watkins Glen is on Tonight.
5-2 2:16:30 Obbzy New Pukekohe v1.0 in Steam Workshop... «check this»
4-2 18:54:05 SmellySkidmark GT3 server has round 2 on @ Watkins Glen
4-2 6:20:47 SmellySkidmark All fixed
4-2 6:20:41 SmellySkidmark Sorry guys, i was at werk.
4-2 5:45:29 EAO_wayno Gt3's updated today peaple cant get in server
3-2 23:06:23 Obbzy Round 1 of the GT3 Championship is on tonight @ Bathurst.
Our good friends at Outlaws Racing have set up a TeamSpeak channel on their server
if our TS is still out of action. Qualifying from 8:30 pm AEDST.
1-2 2:15:41 SmellySkidmark GT3 server has been updated to the new BOP car update
31-1 21:18:36 SmellySkidmark «check this» January road map
31-1 9:32:15 SmellySkidmark Hmm TS is indeed down atm, so use Outlaws for now
31-1 3:22:44 StanDaam Heya Darrell, yeah unfortunately it is 2 x $24... but on the upside, they're awesome to drive!! I don't mind paying some coin for quality work.
31-1 2:45:07 EAO_wayno I can't join TS but I see it is up and running, thought it might be down. So I have no idea why.
30-1 8:56:55 Darrell All good have found the answer.
30-1 8:50:30 Darrell Hi guys looking to start running again. Is these GT3 free mod on steam, i getting PACKAGE NOT Available
30-1 6:20:15 SmellySkidmark lmfao
30-1 6:20:01 SmellySkidmark DIE
30-1 6:19:48 SmellySkidmark must
30-1 6:19:40 SmellySkidmark spammers
30-1 6:19:16 SmellySkidmark thinks
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