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15-4 7:21:33 SmellySkidmark PM fez :D
13-4 7:52:58 fez and again ss
13-4 6:10:59 SmellySkidmark Replied fez
13-4 2:30:27 fez reply. thanks heaps smelly
11-4 7:48:23 SmellySkidmark fez PM sent
11-4 2:10:54 SmellySkidmark Hiya Rookie, great to see you again, with the GT3s they all werk differently, the 720 is winning the series atm. ********** cars
11-4 2:07:13 Rookie Yes Obbzy, just got it working, was testing the corvette, is there an advantage to a particular car
11-4 2:03:06 Obbzy Hey Rookie, good to hear from you. GT3s @ Highlands on Tuesday. Hope you can make it. :)
11-4 1:55:47 Rookie Congratulations Xfactor on 10years, looking forward to annoying everybody again!!!
7-4 5:52:53 Bwana congrats on the milestone guys !!!
7-4 4:58:45 Sputnik_inc Thx for that Smelly.. was getting Verification Failed when trying to download.
1-4 6:10:35 SmellySkidmark Tarj it's this one «check this» you'll have to subscribe
1-4 5:11:48 Tarj bloody caPs
31-3 12:58:22 KoiL HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY XfactorRacing. To the coolest bunch of guy's in sim racing. WD admins. Here's to another 10 years.:)
27-3 8:54:22 Old Fart Gee, that flew by. WD Xfactor for hanging around so long. Grats boys. If the shepherds are in tune & the flock will follow. Mmmmm. Remember that spiel before the Xfactor's birth I layed on you Robzee? Lol. Well just goes to show what can be done. Once again, WD boys. WD Nibiru.
26-3 4:31:47 Tarj Hi. I shared a shock guide if anyone is interested in the forums
25-3 6:57:45 SmellySkidmark GT3 server is updated to round 9 @ Laguna Seca
24-3 20:56:15 Tarj Happy birthday XfactorRacing. What is 10 years in Sim racing years I wonder?
24-3 6:39:42 OR~Duke Happy 10th Birthday Xfactor.
24-3 0:33:47 OR~ShiftyLynel Happy Birthday Xfactor!
23-3 11:02:06 Prophet Hi Guys Happy birthday
23-3 4:28:22 Obbzy Happy Birthday XFactorians. woohoo
23-3 3:52:26 Merlin HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS
22-3 22:32:37 RobZee Happy 10th Xfactor! Thanks for all of your support Nib.. it couldn't be done without you!
22-3 21:55:55 SmellySkidmark Thanks for all your dedication to the group Nib
22-3 21:54:54 SmellySkidmark Hey Happy 10th xfactor.
22-3 13:26:36 Nibiru Wow 10 years. Hapoy birthday xfactorracing. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of it. Especially RobZee and SS. Without their help we wouldn't be here.
19-3 10:30:51 fez reply SS
19-3 8:18:29 Merlin Don't worry I've got it
19-3 8:13:34 Merlin Anyone have a link to the track? package not aval
19-3 7:41:48 SmellySkidmark fez PM sent
18-3 7:29:59 SmellySkidmark Server has been updated to round 8 @ Dubai
18-3 5:02:18 Sputnik_inc RE GT3; had lots of good racing last night guys, good racing and respect to those involved
15-3 4:59:37 Obbzy Look out! O.O
fez is BACK! :D
14-3 2:32:33 SmellySkidmark is it faster?
14-3 1:19:42 fez holy fuck it works!! it works!!
13-3 23:02:24 SmellySkidmark PM Joe
11-3 6:44:48 SmellySkidmark GT3 server has been updated to Round 7 @ Circuit of the Americas
11-3 6:30:18 SmellySkidmark I feel for ya mate
11-3 2:24:36 fez Hopefully back by the 18th
10-3 1:55:41 Obbzy GT3 Series Round 6 @ Symmons Plains tonight.
8-3 8:44:06 Merlin Fixed thanks again m8
8-3 8:34:16 Merlin ok thanks SS
8-3 8:09:59 SmellySkidmark Anytime there's a clash and you can not connect, remove your vmod and get a fresh one from the server
8-3 8:05:28 SmellySkidmark Hi Merlin, delete your vmods, the server has been updated to new content and may have the same vmod title?
8-3 7:15:17 Merlin Anyone else have round 6 vmod issues?
7-3 22:19:38 SmellySkidmark GT3 server has been updated
7-3 11:43:56 Obbzy GT3s have been updated by S397... «check this»
6-3 3:06:39 SmellySkidmark GT3 server has been updated to Symmonds Plains v097 (getmod is werking) so it should download ok
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