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24-12 6:25:48 JFF Scotty Merry Xmas to all at X-Factor - From all at JFF
24-12 4:27:34 SmellySkidmark Server 3 has the Aussie Legends for some fun
24-12 4:26:52 SmellySkidmark GetMod is not werking so you will have to get Spa 66 from TS File Manager in the F1 Legends channel
24-12 4:25:42 SmellySkidmark Server 2 is a practice server for the F1 Legends, with Longford & Spa 66.
24-12 4:24:36 SmellySkidmark Server 1 has Round 1 of the F1 Legends
24-12 2:44:44 SmellySkidmark Yeah Merry xmas everyone from xfactor
23-12 22:19:39 Obbzy Have a great Christmas everyone... :)
19-12 22:05:29 SmellySkidmark If you haven't noticed the new UI is available now
19-12 21:35:47 Obbzy rF2 December Roadmap. Get a coffee, it's a long read... «check this»
19-12 21:31:49 SmellySkidmark RF2 update 2.2 gig yesterday, & 2 gig today :O
19-12 6:23:37 SmellySkidmark I'm not sure on that one Stan, I don't have access to that section
19-12 1:53:54 StanDaam Does anyone know how to fix this error flag which keeps coming up when I try to tweak any of my profile dets? Unknown column 'aim' in 'field list' O.O
13-12 4:48:14 Obbzy I can't see them at work, but now I'm home they're there!
12-12 22:32:24 SmellySkidmark As for liveraces I can see them, and get access from the tab at the top
12-12 22:31:18 SmellySkidmark Replied.
12-12 22:09:50 Obbzy Replied SS.
BTW, Still can't see liveracers on the home page? Probably an issue at my end, as usual!!!
12-12 6:22:57 SmellySkidmark PM Obbzy
12-12 1:56:15 fez they look fine to me
11-12 21:34:48 Obbzy Is live racers not working or are the servers down again? (?)
11-12 5:55:25 SmellySkidmark results are up for CarreraCup race @ Hockenheim «check this»
11-12 5:53:43 SmellySkidmark server 4 has the Aussie Legends on 3 tracks enjoy
11-12 5:53:05 SmellySkidmark server 2 is a test server with the F1 Legends Racing @ Magnificent Park
11-12 5:51:57 SmellySkidmark server 1 has the last round of the CarreraCup @ Bathurst
11-12 5:51:16 SmellySkidmark Servers are all sorted
10-12 3:00:37 Obbzy Looks like the server & TS have gone M.I.A.... O.O
9-12 21:24:31 Obbzy Rd7 of the Porsche Cup @ Hockenheim is on tonight. Qualifying from 8:30pm
6-12 0:43:04 Obbzy New Payware content from S397. The BMW M2 CS... «check this»
2-12 8:59:42 Obbzy If everyone is putting in their Santa order... «check this»
2-12 6:30:41 SmellySkidmark Ok Obbzy Rob said he wants this for xmas «check this»
2-12 6:29:17 SmellySkidmark Not fer meeeeee
2-12 5:53:42 Obbzy Server down again?
1-12 22:55:03 RobZee Have a great day Fez!
1-12 22:53:42 Obbzy Have a top birthday fez
1-12 20:29:17 SmellySkidmark Happy Birthday fez :D
30-11 22:32:08 SmellySkidmark RF2 roadmap update «check this»
28-11 1:00:20 RobZee yeah looks like it. I will message Nib
28-11 0:59:05 fez servers down?
25-11 9:21:24 SmellySkidmark Yes for xmas Obbzy, you can get me this «check this»
24-11 0:23:08 fez thanks smelly, everything working as it should :)
23-11 22:20:11 SmellySkidmark Server updated
23-11 22:08:00 SmellySkidmark Hmm, i just did a lap (after rf2 update}, I'll look into it
23-11 11:32:35 Obbzy Yep fez. Get to the car select screen & there are no cars to select..
23-11 4:51:46 fez anyone else getting dc'd when joining the server?
20-11 10:00:28 StanDaam I'm trying to get the Analyzer to go back in time and erase my drive thru penaly in race 2... :D
20-11 7:53:27 Dug Yes Stan , Be one with the analyser
20-11 1:54:15 StanDaam Heya Dug, up the top of this web-page, under the 'Liveracers/Results' tab, 'rf2 Analyzer' :P
20-11 0:01:34 Dug Where can i find the Champ details for the Porsche's gents
19-11 23:44:34 Dug Wow made it back in ,:D
17-11 11:33:16 Shano Josh Memorial Races 30/11/2019 at OR «check this»
14-11 6:04:14 SmellySkidmark A very fitting tribute to Josh Hoare, an amazing driver and humble man, thank you to Shane for your kind words of Josh. RIP mate.
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