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11-5 21:47:17 Flatchat Hi Team. New here. Bought and installed the two car packs for the GT3 League and have the track. Whenever I try to join the server I get an error "Package Not Available". I did already have the GT3 package initially but bought it again in case there was an upgrade to the cars. Still no luck. Any help appreciated. Cheers.
11-5 9:51:06 SmellySkidmark That's a probing question
10-5 23:40:14 StanDaam All aliens start at the rear!! (Hollywood movie idea?) :O
10-5 0:41:27 RobZee Ha Ha...sounds like a good idea for Shifty and Merlin as well!
10-5 0:16:48 SmellySkidmark Note to self, Tarj wants to start from the back of the grid :P
9-5 8:16:52 Tarj Reverse grid this week?
9-5 5:30:20 Bwana Gday Nib
9-5 3:12:37 Nibiru Hi all
9-5 3:12:30 Nibiru Hey Obbzy
9-5 0:07:41 Obbzy PM sent Nib
8-5 6:31:11 Obbzy Hiya Nib
8-5 6:30:25 Obbzy Thanks SS.
Hiya Joe
7-5 12:04:36 SmellySkidmark PM Nib
7-5 11:02:19 SmellySkidmark Hiya, replied :)
7-5 8:29:01 JFF-JOE :) hello all
7-5 7:51:58 SmellySkidmark PMs sent team
6-5 14:21:57 HSV_PETE got AMS2...pretty good!
6-5 6:11:59 SmellySkidmark Server 1 updated to Round 15 @ Buriram International Circuit «check this»
4-5 9:41:58 Obbzy Well, I've got AMS2. There are a few others I've seen who have it. Shifty & Bwana.... I think Supa has the game too. Most likely a few others...
4-5 8:56:25 HSV_PETE thanks Obbzy...who has bought it?
3-5 10:57:13 Obbzy HSV_Pete: this is about system specs for AMS2... «check this»
3-5 10:08:43 SmellySkidmark «check this» «check this»
3-5 10:02:55 SmellySkidmark We've got the utes in RF2 already, I'll put up a server if you want to try them
3-5 7:30:23 Tarj Any AC users here?
3-5 7:30:02 Tarj «check this»
2-5 8:22:44 HSV_PETE Can you run AMS 2 on windows says windows 10 and some 7 but does not mention would think it would work ...anyone running windows 8?
2-5 7:14:42 Bwana I would be keen on a am2 session, seems pretty good.
2-5 2:08:25 OR~ShiftyLynel Great call Obbzy. AMS 2 is definitely worth a look at. I'd be keen to throw up a multiplayer server and give is a burl with those who have one night if they're interested.
1-5 0:22:57 Obbzy If you're looking to get Automobilista 2 to give it a try, the 40% beta promotion is ending soon... check out the latest update post «check this»
30-4 22:30:01 FalconEL Thanks SS, works now. Cheers.
30-4 7:33:53 SmellySkidmark Looks like I missed it in the vmod, new one done
30-4 6:40:29 FalconEL Hi Smelly, I tried to login for some practice last night but the Aston wasn't available. Is there some issue there?
29-4 6:49:15 SmellySkidmark GT3 server updated to Round 14 @ Barbagallo
25-4 7:35:40 Tarj Bentley 140000?
24-4 23:24:21 SmellySkidmark The answer is in the forums Rookie
24-4 9:02:44 Rookie So, should we get this weeks GT3 track through steam
22-4 5:44:19 Tarj go it. Steam!:|
22-4 3:45:29 Tarj And still no go. Is there a file I am missing or need to add? Thanks
22-4 1:14:32 Tarj i downloaded the track from xfactor downloads?
22-4 1:14:08 Tarj tried to get onto the server and a message said package not available
22-4 1:12:20 Tarj Gday
19-4 7:04:46 Rookie Thanks Smelly, got to impatient and Geforce GTX 1650 super Gaming X from a local PC guy today
19-4 1:20:22 fez missed it
19-4 0:50:50 SmellySkidmark Rookie look here... «check this»
19-4 0:07:04 Rookie So, finally racing and video card just crashed, any recommendations people???
18-4 12:39:42 SmellySkidmark 3 min ago
18-4 12:39:20 SmellySkidmark fez, there's a free G27 here (sydney) «check this»
18-4 7:56:02 fez looks like im out of action for a while guys, i think the motors in my g27 have gone
18-4 1:21:31 fez thanks mate, reply
17-4 8:06:10 SmellySkidmark FEZ pm
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