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7-4 5:52:53 Bwana congrats on the milestone guys !!!
7-4 4:58:45 Sputnik_inc Thx for that Smelly.. was getting Verification Failed when trying to download.
1-4 6:10:35 SmellySkidmark Tarj it's this one «check this» you'll have to subscribe
1-4 5:11:48 Tarj bloody caPs
31-3 12:58:22 KoiL HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY XfactorRacing. To the coolest bunch of guy's in sim racing. WD admins. Here's to another 10 years.:)
27-3 8:54:22 Old Fart Gee, that flew by. WD Xfactor for hanging around so long. Grats boys. If the shepherds are in tune & the flock will follow. Mmmmm. Remember that spiel before the Xfactor's birth I layed on you Robzee? Lol. Well just goes to show what can be done. Once again, WD boys. WD Nibiru.
26-3 4:31:47 Tarj Hi. I shared a shock guide if anyone is interested in the forums
25-3 6:57:45 SmellySkidmark GT3 server is updated to round 9 @ Laguna Seca
24-3 20:56:15 Tarj Happy birthday XfactorRacing. What is 10 years in Sim racing years I wonder?
24-3 6:39:42 OR~Duke Happy 10th Birthday Xfactor.
24-3 0:33:47 OR~ShiftyLynel Happy Birthday Xfactor!
23-3 11:02:06 Prophet Hi Guys Happy birthday
23-3 4:28:22 Obbzy Happy Birthday XFactorians. woohoo
23-3 3:52:26 Merlin HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS
22-3 22:32:37 RobZee Happy 10th Xfactor! Thanks for all of your support Nib.. it couldn't be done without you!
22-3 21:55:55 SmellySkidmark Thanks for all your dedication to the group Nib
22-3 21:54:54 SmellySkidmark Hey Happy 10th xfactor.
22-3 13:26:36 Nibiru Wow 10 years. Hapoy birthday xfactorracing. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of it. Especially RobZee and SS. Without their help we wouldn't be here.
19-3 10:30:51 fez reply SS
19-3 8:18:29 Merlin Don't worry I've got it
19-3 8:13:34 Merlin Anyone have a link to the track? package not aval
19-3 7:41:48 SmellySkidmark fez PM sent
18-3 7:29:59 SmellySkidmark Server has been updated to round 8 @ Dubai
18-3 5:02:18 Sputnik_inc RE GT3; had lots of good racing last night guys, good racing and respect to those involved
15-3 4:59:37 Obbzy Look out! O.O
fez is BACK! :D
14-3 2:32:33 SmellySkidmark is it faster?
14-3 1:19:42 fez holy fuck it works!! it works!!
13-3 23:02:24 SmellySkidmark PM Joe
11-3 6:44:48 SmellySkidmark GT3 server has been updated to Round 7 @ Circuit of the Americas
11-3 6:30:18 SmellySkidmark I feel for ya mate
11-3 2:24:36 fez Hopefully back by the 18th
10-3 1:55:41 Obbzy GT3 Series Round 6 @ Symmons Plains tonight.
8-3 8:44:06 Merlin Fixed thanks again m8
8-3 8:34:16 Merlin ok thanks SS
8-3 8:09:59 SmellySkidmark Anytime there's a clash and you can not connect, remove your vmod and get a fresh one from the server
8-3 8:05:28 SmellySkidmark Hi Merlin, delete your vmods, the server has been updated to new content and may have the same vmod title?
8-3 7:15:17 Merlin Anyone else have round 6 vmod issues?
7-3 22:19:38 SmellySkidmark GT3 server has been updated
7-3 11:43:56 Obbzy GT3s have been updated by S397... «check this»
6-3 3:06:39 SmellySkidmark GT3 server has been updated to Symmonds Plains v097 (getmod is werking) so it should download ok
6-3 3:05:02 SmellySkidmark Thanks wayno and Joe for your great find.
6-3 1:22:13 EAO_wayno SS. Joe has fixed the grid on Symmons Plains he found that there was two lots of grid spots one lot at 1.97 and another at 2.13 ond over 200 grid spots assigned. «check this»
5-3 21:59:57 StanDaam Cheers Rob, I got in with the link I provided as well... (.96 is the winner!)
5-3 9:09:28 RobZee Stan, this is the Symmons Plains version you will need «check this»
5-3 6:55:21 StanDaam ...95.. .96... «check this»
5-3 6:23:52 StanDaam Is the Symmons Plains version different from the Steam version, 0.95? Trouble with my package...
4-3 8:55:30 fez Still no internet, techie couldnt pull the wire through so reckons they need to dig it up eh. Hopeing for friday repair but likely a monday job.fucking sux ibought sebring and couldnt runwith you guys. If im not there for symmons you know. Take care blokes
4-3 6:43:39 SmellySkidmark promo vid by woochoo «check this»
4-3 6:43:04 SmellySkidmark Glad to hear you still enjoyed it faconhell, lol
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