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22:28-- SmellySkidmark: }:{"
23:22-- SmellySkidmark: Final round of the F1 Legends tonight @ Spa66
6:07-- SmellySkidmark: Server 1 now has the GT3 Series, Round 1 @ Mount Panorama Bathurst
18:51-- SmellySkidmark: 1
18:51-- SmellySkidmark: 2
18:51-- SmellySkidmark: 3
18:51-- SmellySkidmark: 4
18:51-- System: SmellySkidmark has been banned
6:16-- SmellySkidmark: Hmm
6:17-- SmellySkidmark: this
6:17-- SmellySkidmark: is
6:17-- SmellySkidmark: gunna
6:18-- SmellySkidmark: be
6:18-- SmellySkidmark: bad
6:18-- SmellySkidmark: for
6:18-- SmellySkidmark: Nozy
6:19-- SmellySkidmark: me
6:19-- SmellySkidmark: thinks
6:19-- SmellySkidmark: spammers
6:19-- SmellySkidmark: must
6:20-- SmellySkidmark: DIE
6:20-- SmellySkidmark: lmfao
8:50-- Darrell: Hi guys looking to start running again. Is these GT3 free mod on steam, i getting PACKAGE NOT Available
8:56-- Darrell: All good have found the answer.
2:45-- EAO_wayno: I can't join TS but I see it is up and running, thought it might be down. So I have no idea why.
3:22-- StanDaam: Heya Darrell, yeah unfortunately it is 2 x $24... but on the upside, they're awesome to drive!! I don't mind paying some coin for quality work.
9:32-- SmellySkidmark: Hmm TS is indeed down atm, so use Outlaws for now
21:18-- SmellySkidmark: «check this» January road map
2:15-- SmellySkidmark: GT3 server has been updated to the new BOP car update
23:06-- Obbzy: Round 1 of the GT3 Championship is on tonight @ Bathurst.
Our good friends at Outlaws Racing have set up a TeamSpeak channel on their server
if our TS is still out of action. Qualifying from 8:30 pm AEDST.
5:45-- EAO_wayno: Gt3's updated today peaple cant get in server
6:20-- SmellySkidmark: Sorry guys, i was at werk.
6:20-- SmellySkidmark: All fixed
18:54-- SmellySkidmark: GT3 server has round 2 on @ Watkins Glen
2:16-- Obbzy: New Pukekohe v1.0 in Steam Workshop... «check this»
0:07-- Obbzy: GT3 Series, Round 2 @ Watkins Glen is on Tonight.

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