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7:49-- SmellySkidmark: The postie has just been to your place Joe :D
8:53-- Obbzy: Hopefully you'll be right to do some manual labour (shifting gears) soon Pete..
23:03-- Quasi: Hey guys, a rotting corpse from the passt has risen again. Looking to see what is being raced these days.
0:41-- SmellySkidmark: Hiya Quasi we're racing the S397 GT3s on tuesdays
4:58-- Tarj: «check this»
1:18-- SmellySkidmark: Left something at Bunnings «check this»
9:02-- OR~ShiftyLynel: Awesome Tarj! Can't wait for some Ferrari tin tops in rF2
6:40-- Obbzy: GT3s at V.I.R. TONIGHT.
6:40-- SmellySkidmark: GT3 server updated to Round 17 @ Pukekohe «check this»
0:06-- Obbzy: rFactor2 updated to version 1118... «check this»
0:15-- SmellySkidmark: Servers updated
2:51-- Obbzy: GT3s at Pukekohe tonight.
22:30-- JFF-JOE: mail SS
7:31-- SmellySkidmark: Thanks Joe
7:32-- SmellySkidmark: Server 1 GT3s updated to round 18 @ Paul Ricard «check this» or just join the server
7:51-- =Fieldzy=: SS pm sent
0:33-- Tarj: Track change?
2:02-- Obbzy: SS, on the analyser, you have Phillip Island before Paul Ricard. Rd 18 is supposed to be Paul Ricard though... :)
2:10-- RobZee: Fixed, Obbzy :)
6:24-- SmellySkidmark: Thanks Rob
4:32-- Obbzy: Cheers Rob :D
22:19-- Tarj: «check this»
23:09-- Sputnik_inc: Ferrari joins rFactor «check this»
23:36-- Tarj: Gday. Looking for a team mate for Outlaws Insane 1000. Anyone interested?
0:35-- Obbzy: Just looking at who has cut laps, Merlin might be available. SS is quite quick around there but I don't think he likes the cars?
Robzee loves endurance racing... oh, no he doesn't... but he might be your race engineer so he can drink Vodka? lol
Reaper & Koil also available, plus quite a few few others... Perhaps put out a call on Tuesday night?
0:52-- Tarj: Shall do
4:11-- Sputnik_inc: RE Tarj
4:12-- Sputnik_inc: im interested Tarj.. if you like the Aston.. good on fuel
8:20-- Tarj: Team Sputarj
10:38-- Sputnik_inc: :D :D
11:16-- Obbzy: S397 May Roadmap... «check this»
1:49-- Obbzy: GT3s at Paul Ricard is on tonight. Qually starts at 8:30pm AEST...
0:41-- Obbzy: rFactor2 updated to build 1.1119.... «check this»
1:36-- Nibiru: Server updated to 1.1119
2:27-- fez: top job nib, thanks
6:46-- Obbzy: Cheers Nib... :)

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